Sunday, October 03, 2004

we can be heroes

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heroes, MCA,1977-jack nietszche
from the jeremy paul kagan film feat. henry winkler and sally field.
tracks deleted>
back in the days i saw this movie but did'nt notice the music until a tv rerun a few years ago.
amazingly, it took me some time to grab a 25c decent copy, for this soundtrack is obviously not very sought-after or even considered eligible to collection but usually buried into a stack of lp's on the cheap end of ebay.
it sure ain't no classic. but there's the distinctive nietszche strings sound (as in "one flew over the cukoo's nest" score of greater fame) and some loose jam blowin' that sweet 70's breeze for a few sparkling minutes.
so next time you cross that dollar bin, give it a try, you never know... anything by conti, goldsmith, nietszche may hold a few juicy bones to chew at.

bliss to everybody out there (youknowhoyouare) who took the time to drop by and say hello, enjoyed the music and told me so... i'll update the linkslist ASAP! have a nice weekend!

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