Friday, October 01, 2004

good lovin'

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"an unmarried woman" soundtrack, bill conti, UA.1978
packing up
tracks deleted
like many underrated seventies scores, this one holds a few gems.
whatever movie genre was at stake then, from comedies to thrillers, some good tracks usually roared in the back of the late bar or love scenes, the car chases or whatever good or bad trip was goin' on. they were usually considered as fillers but ended up as much better material than the main themes, as if the composer couldn't resist some monster jam with the cream of studio session mercenaries the production allowed him to bring in.
here we have bill conti who before messin' bad with the colebys, dynasty and rocky themes,
karate kid and james bond scores, seemed to find greater inspiration in this paul mazursky drama; thanks to some uncredited sax and deep doublebass (i'd say maybe tom scott and ron carter respectively, but more accurate info is more than welcome!)
as jazzier variations on the main theme, these in many ways remind me of gato's last tango in paris.
both these tracks are worth the few cents you'll have to pay for a nice sealed lp copy at your local used records store, if such a thing still exists in our tower/virgin/amazon times.
(more on bill conti

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