Friday, March 23, 2007


well, here's a collector's one for you beat/breakdiggers out there.
a gift from a great friend of mine who stumbled on several fresh mint copies on a street corner a few years ago and made a small fortune on ebay and records dealers back when library music was the craze.
jean claudric used to be a popular composer and conductor for various french commercial artists, namely anybody from michel sardou to annie cordy-which could certainly be held against him, as french bloggers will undoubtely testify.
anyway it's a light funky session you might enjoy while i'm warmin'up for further more serious posts...
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pop 74
on Jasmin Productions
  1. shooting star
  2. gust of wind
  3. a trump card
  4. hurly burly
  5. stifling night
  6. high cranberry
  7. dog days
  8. misdeal
  9. it looks like rain
  10. mildness