Wednesday, October 20, 2004

new york on my mind

holland tunnel
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THE HOLLAND TUNNEL PROJECT/liquid records, 199?
it's one of these 12"s you sometimes pick up on pure instinct/luck in a 50c bin.
one you don't expect much at first but ends up as a nice surprise, listeners asking who's playin' and so on... not really a classic but one fave that survives the record bag long after hits and hypes got sleevedust on the shelves.
IF is a sensual whispered ballad, full of promising innuendos. BLOW is all flute, sax solos and hammond licks, solid 90's acid-jazz material, all delivered with tasty hip hop flava.
IF rios
BLOW/track deleted

THTP appears to be well and alive downtown NYC. site info describes their style as" charlie parker meets coltrane meets marley marl"... ouch ! yes, i know, such comparisons could be scary... none of these giants came to my mind but i'll give these guys a break
i wasn't able to hear the samples of their current productions but apparently, both these tracks were released prior to the 2 albums.
more music,info and maybe shopping:
thanks to those who enjoyed the buckshot track and testified: here's the showbiz remix of breakfast@denny's.
/track deleted
thanks to the everxpanding blogcommunity's word of mouth, a few new/notsonew blogs with great music, ideas, fun and good writing : jazz and conversation, nite songs, futurismain'tshit...
thanks avocado kid for the broken link, i think it's fixed now.

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James said...

that BLOW is ice cold