Friday, September 19, 2008

what about kinda cute kinda hot kinda sexy histerically funny but not funny looking guy who you could fuck did you not understand?

picture by alessio cuccu

here's the final evening from Paolo Fresu's series of 2006 concerts at the Opera de Lyon, featuring guitar wiz Nguyen Lê
enjoy and share.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

drive, he said

picture courtesy of ragnane/appunti

second encounter of a strange kind featuring Paolo Fresu on trumpet and effects and pedal-steel guitar-hero BJ Cole, captured live in france on june 2006.
hope you'll enjoy that smokey vibe.
part one
part two

Thursday, July 24, 2008

to whom it may concern

thanks guys for support. here's part two of this great concert.
more paolo fresù trios to come soon, let me know who you want first, nguyen lè or bj cole.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

la notte, la notte

On june 2006, italian-born trumpet player Paolo Fresu invited some of his favorite fellow sidemen and gave a very creative series of concerts at the Lyon Opera Amphi Jazz.
the first evening reunited Paolo and Nguyen Lê (on guitar), BJ Cole (pedal steel guitar) the following night and finally Eivind Aarset (g) and Dhafer Youssef (oud & voice), with Fresu adding various electronic effects. the very laid-back and warmful atmosphere of the club was delightful and the music was definitely among the best live gigs i heard in a long time.
here's the first part of the final set (soundboard quality sound/320kbps). enjoy and ask for more.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

get your own bag!

it's so simple and cool it's incredible nobody dropped it sooner!
thanks to justin ouellette for launching muxtape, the best way to share your latest mixes online.
i couldn't resist to give it a try and share some of my faves of the moment, a few classics and homebrews. so please rush over and enjoy before Google buys it out or the RIAA gets berserk.
there's a buy mp3 option that should keep the dogs at large but as these guys can't recognize or resist to crash a good idea when they see one...
slowly, the future of music online builds up to reach stratospheric skies and innovative formats.
peace out.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

between yesterday and tomorrow

thanks to the few cats who still pay a visit here once in a while.

you may have noticed the doctor's not in most of the time and with spring, outdoor choirs and new family duties i'm afraid it won't get any better...

here's what usually happens: when i finally come up with an idea of post, i then discover it's already been broken by the big jazz honchos around here (bacoso, vesper, jazz-nekko, smooth, reza -who is back on the block with great inspiration and wonderful jazz mixes contributions)
i don't say i consider playing in these guy's major league, it's just that compared to them, my record crates seem very limited.
anyway, it's nice to see the jazz brotherhood seem to grow wider and wilder: much props to recent discoveries at singer saints, culture and pleasure, ile oxumare, eternal rythm,

so, here's probably the laziest post i've ever done but these grooves are too good to stay under the radar (mine anyway, maybe you've been already blessed) any longer.

art bleek is a french cat who deserves a lot of love for his 2006 album. be sure to grab any format of any remix, edit, version extrapolated from "between yesterday and tomorrow"
and we must be grateful to federica at secret music box to share her beloved discotheque and discover such exciting grooves.

please enjoy the updates in the links section, a lot of newbies and pearls were thrown in...


Saturday, January 12, 2008

miles edits

hi there. i've been away from this blog too long and won't even try to find a bad excuse.
so first i wish everybody a very good year and hope all your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled.
good health is important too. among the most inspired jazz bloggers around, let's have a special shout out for reza, who suffered a very tough year and came back recently with full force, sharing great albums with us. this one's for you, man, from the heart.

while as was away, i managed to spend a ridiculous amount of time at killergroove music library , browsin' his insane record collection with almost 2 years of posts to catch up with. don't miss it and be sure to visit him on a regular basis.

ol' visitors from the Naugahyde Life years know i have a soft spot for house music, disco and nu groove. seems like there's some kind of revival online and the new craze is all about "edits", like they used to call the genre back in the days (say danny krivit's), way before puff daddy said he invented the remix.
current edits tend to stay closer to the bone of the original track and classics from the soul-disco era, krautrock gems and seventies psychadelica are the prime choice material of these guys, next to their own current productions. among the top players, todd terje, pilooski, prins thomas, seem to run the show.
be sure to visit these great spots to know more and keep the scene alive: another night on earth, one day later, dilated choons, alainfinkielkrautrock, american athlete, social disco club...

as edits go, here are the famous miles davis short tracks from "miles at isle of wight" lp.
tracks from the 7" singles Davis did for promotional purposes throughout the 70s.
Great Expectations (2:42)
The Little Blue Frog (2:32)
Molester (Part I) (3:04)
Molester (Part II) (2:10)
Holly-Wuud (2:52)
Big Fun (2:30)