Tuesday, October 05, 2004

scarlet sunrise

beyond the stars lp
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i guess it's a blogger's syndrom. trying to keep it on tracks is so time consumin' it's hard to stay alert to the good stuff around. still, i recently enjoyed : foreign exchange@ wastin' time, banco de gaia @ tuwa's shanty, bill withers@tofu hut, ornette coleman@said the gramophone, artefact @moebius rex, a rockin' peaches remix@music for robots and manymanymore courtesy of totally fuzzy (lately herbie hancock live 75, brian eno, tom waits, david sylvian...)

last week record-shopping included the new jimi tenor cd "beyond the stars". plenty of synths, moogs, flutes, fluegelhorns and jazz orchestra. a few tracks sound a little far out but i guess it's on purpose.jt still wanders in 70's territory but there's a solid direction in his compositions which at some point sounded a little too cliche/hommage to that era in previous albums. here he's not very far from a jaggajazzist approach, the vocals adding very souful vibes to it. especially on the first track: barcelona sunrise, feat. allonymous? on vocals
his tone reminds me of mc900ft&jesus, with a softer and soothing edge.
the cd 's got a very funny and fancy cover art by vilunki 3000 & gerard berlin, in some ways reminiscent of sun ra's esp records artwork. there's a limited edition cd with a bonus title to track down. sleeve info tells "file under jazz" and let's hope it won't turn off either electronic or/and jazz purists.
jimi tenor: barcelona sunrise
from beyond the stars, kitty-yo, 2004
lots of blogs link amazon to buy the cd. it sure is convenient but i kinda feel like you should try your local store first-if you're still lucky enough to have one around of course. there's a good chance they'll have to order your wishlist but i'm sure that in the meantime you'll have plenty of good music at hand to enjoy.
more jt stuff and interesting downloads
i recently transfered a few tracks from vinyl to cd, among them: camille/scarlet pussy.
it's the b-side of prince's "wish u heaven 7". a black anonymous label crookedly stickered makes it look like a collector's item. if not, it's still a juicy slice of p-funked prince.
/track deleted
last selection for today is: kung fu: a children's game/divine strength
from: kung fu lp, UA,1972
/track deleted
and there's very little to add after such luminous words xcept: peace.

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Tuwa said...

I just link to amazon because I want to show I'm making it easy for my readers to buy the CD if they want. My local stores don't have websites, and they probably wouldn't ship to people anyway. ^_^