Monday, October 04, 2004

melodie 70

from paris 70's/melodie en sous-sol, 2002
tracks: sand &rain/hurt so bad (removed)
it's french, soulful and guess what, it happened in the 70's.
the singer is nancy holloway who enjoyed a quite successful pop career in france in the sixties. musicians are guys you probably never heard of - unless you're in the rare groove/library sounds circuit : daniel janin, jean-claude pierric and vladimir cosma (a very famous film score composer).
i googled them a bit but found little really valuable info: nancy had sure numerous pop hits and
the composers were involved in the music scene at the higher level, conducting orchestras, arranging for famous singers (jacques brel among them) so we're talking serious cats jammin' around for sure. just for info and credibility, you should know that soul sides reviewed a danieljanin album in 2003:
this cd/2lp is a nice reissue/anthology of studio sessions, probably made for library series. most of the tracks are quality laid-back jazzy scores that won't reach classic status but these two nancy songs are really doin' it. i'm listening to the cd right now as i'm typing and it sure has its moments: percs, breaks, flute licks, you name it.
i tried to convert the intro track on the album: "saramina", which is a funky stringy piece on a dave grusin tip but the encoding just failed every time...
the double lp is really nice. a 12" version of the nancy holloway tracks exists on the same label too. so do yourself a favor with some french seventies jazz and hassle your local records store for a copy!
nb: i updated the "heroes" post with a 3rd funkier excerpt, in case you enjoyed the previous ones and missed it.

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Paul Irish said...

I love your posts. Great music.
I just wish you published your atom feed. :)