Thursday, September 30, 2004


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radio beauty :a little gem i came across this morning, played on repeat mode all day and wanted to share. grab it here:
and talk-show host tom newman.props to rolo and thanks to
for always exclusive smashin' material

a virgo state of mind

soul zodiac
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c.adderley, from soul zodiac, capitol records, 1972
cannonball and rick holmes really were into astrology.
2 years before the previous virgo version presented here, the same guys; except hal galper butjoined by ernie watts on tenor sax and flute, recorded another astrology session.
the band sounds high in the sky on their celestial trip on the whole album but this virgo version gets a jazzier jam flavor than the "sexy" one.
more on soul zodiac and cannonball:

for the hip hop fans out here, the always interesting inventory of cannonball's sample library:
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  • soul zodiac seems to exist in different versions: the double lp, separate vol.1 & 2 lp's, and even 7" of each sign. the 2lp version is a regular on ebay. i guess the 7" copies are some serious graal stuff.
    another much sought-after cannonball opus : the legendary "soul of the bible", is a masterpiece and should deserve a future post. itwas reissued in both 2lp and cd formats.
    the vinyl version is OK but far from the original's beauty. the cd is around$12 and you should run to grab it while it's available.

    Monday, September 27, 2004

    like a virgin

    love, sex & the zodiac
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    from love, sex and the zodiac lp. fantasy records,1974.
    cannonball adderley as) rick holmes voc) nat adderley c) george duke &hal galper on electric piano, jimmy jones p) walter booker b) roy mc curdy d)

    "based on the concept that everybody is talking about or interested in either astrology or sex, peace or piece, as the case may by. listen and enjoy, or disagree, as controversy is essential to expansion"
    cannonball adderley's liner notes.
    it isn't the funkiest/trippiest track on the album but it makes my day as a virgo myself:
    beautiful cover art, incredible band and david axelrod production.

    back in 1996, i spent a year in the united states and got the best job ever : buying "rare groove" records for selected french records stores. early on, i found a nice copy of "love, sex & the zodiac" for a few bucks and fell for it. lots of musical genres i love are blended altogether here: soul, jazz, funk, spoken word. sending this one back home to the guys was not an easy decision... and many more fine lp's were shipped and cruelly missed afterwards...
    as dealers say : you better not get high on your own supply...
    still, it took me years to grab it again in good condition at a decent price.

    september songs

    s.vaughan & c.brown
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    ok, that's it. i've been doing this blog thing for so many months now, catchin' great music, tracks, ideas, comments. now i feel like i'ts time to step in and add my own voice to the community (and bury a few more hours in front of my mac...)

    thanks soulsides, said the gramophone, moistworks, wastin'time, zero-g web/fat planet, moebius rex, the tofu hut, totally fuzzy, suburbs AKU etc. for such inspiration, gem discoveries and a wonderful feeling of sharing.
    don't get me wrong, i don't pretend i'm playing the same league as these cats...
    let's say that still blinded by the lights, i'll try to follow the footprints...

    warning : the first entries will probably be shaky and ill-linked but please hang on,
    i'll try to make it better. in the meantime, feel free to comment and share your blogscience with a newcomer...