Sunday, October 03, 2004

september soul

deodato 2001
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eumir deodato: september,13
from 2001 lp, cti, 1972
track deleted
i started this blog last week with the very (un)original idea of presenting "september" tracks ... then i changed my mind (well, september was almost over anyway) but as this one was already in the can, i guess it won't hurt to share it with you on early october.
i'm always tempted to give the best info about the artists involved here but then, many devoted sites do it much better than i would, so the best is to dive into a little research if you like what you hear.
for those who may not be too familiar with eumir deodato's music, you probably know him at least as the lush arranger of bjork's "post" lp (yes, these hyperballad strings are his...).
word was once said that a special "deodato version" of the whole album exists, which bjork was very fond of and would probably release. it's been many years and albums now and unfortunately this very exciting project seems to be over (but if anyone has some info about it, thanks to keep me posted!)
the 2001 lp is one of deodato's best known albums thanks to a killa discofunk cover of "als sprach zarathustra" and the backing band is a reunion of incredible musicians as always on the cti albums.

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Steppdaddy said...

i had a feeling deodato would show up soon.
i really dig what you got so far, keep it up.
since it ain't really september any more,
how about a little wes montgomery doing "maybe september"? maybe?