Saturday, January 12, 2008

miles edits

hi there. i've been away from this blog too long and won't even try to find a bad excuse.
so first i wish everybody a very good year and hope all your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled.
good health is important too. among the most inspired jazz bloggers around, let's have a special shout out for reza, who suffered a very tough year and came back recently with full force, sharing great albums with us. this one's for you, man, from the heart.

while as was away, i managed to spend a ridiculous amount of time at killergroove music library , browsin' his insane record collection with almost 2 years of posts to catch up with. don't miss it and be sure to visit him on a regular basis.

ol' visitors from the Naugahyde Life years know i have a soft spot for house music, disco and nu groove. seems like there's some kind of revival online and the new craze is all about "edits", like they used to call the genre back in the days (say danny krivit's), way before puff daddy said he invented the remix.
current edits tend to stay closer to the bone of the original track and classics from the soul-disco era, krautrock gems and seventies psychadelica are the prime choice material of these guys, next to their own current productions. among the top players, todd terje, pilooski, prins thomas, seem to run the show.
be sure to visit these great spots to know more and keep the scene alive: another night on earth, one day later, dilated choons, alainfinkielkrautrock, american athlete, social disco club...

as edits go, here are the famous miles davis short tracks from "miles at isle of wight" lp.
tracks from the 7" singles Davis did for promotional purposes throughout the 70s.
Great Expectations (2:42)
The Little Blue Frog (2:32)
Molester (Part I) (3:04)
Molester (Part II) (2:10)
Holly-Wuud (2:52)
Big Fun (2:30)