Thursday, November 04, 2004

tickle me elmo

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SAMIAH FARAH:COOL/erik rug remix
small, sony. 2000
/track deleted
peacefrog, 2003
/track deleted

baddest day for the worldwide majority. it's been hard to act as if nothing happened, when so much was at stake and expected. so that's it? after hundreds of millions of $ spent on bad tv ads, let's just call it quits. say thank you to everybody, spell U.N.I.T.Y and please go back to normal. business as usual.
first one is a french track by samiah farah that says something like: "cool, even when everything falls apart, even if nothing looks good..." i guess it's the way we better look at it and keep some hope. remixer erik rug is one of the true and early french pioneers of house and electronic music. great dj and producer as dirty jesus (gwb will love this moniker) on paper records or on his own label, maine.
i'm usually not really into detroit techno for home listening, but robert hood's 2nd track is a grower. the whole album has a minimal melodic vibe that seems to built up to this track with layers of rather simple and articulate patterns in true house music tradition, but with a soulful mood and almost traditional japanese music vibe.
more on one of the great detroit tech/house architects

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