Wednesday, November 17, 2004

have a beer

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RCA, 1971
let's wander into some 1971 psychedelic-jazz trip with the collective soul of centipede's septober energy:produced by robert fripp, feat. keith & julie tippett, robert wyatt and an extensive list of musicians:
first time i found this record in a junk sale, the original sleeve and the plates were a mess but i got kurious. 2nd time it was a mint second edition and it looked beautiful, weird and full of promises. the dealer seemed pleased to finally get rid of it. he said this album had cost him a lot years ago. someone brought it to him as a real gem and swore he would get top $ for it. but it just stood here and nobody ever seemed interested. well, this dealer loves to talk and tell stories, especially after a few beers on a long hot afternoon.
and if you bring the beers he'll say: "you take a lot of them records, i'll cut you a good deal..." another round and prices drop down and you're in paradise. i took A LOT of albums and came back for more the next day with a full cooler. the place was stacked with lp's and the piles were so high i couldn't even touch them or the damn shop would collapse.
the guy won't waste anything and is kinda smart. take a stack of various lp's in very bad shape: he built his own machine to cut the vinyl neatly around the center, sells the waste by the ton to a record factory and keeps the small labels and charges a buck a piece. if you're a dedicated vinyl junkie, isn't it great to rest your beer on some hot curtoms, motowns, verves, blue notes, marvins, slys or funkadelics?... he let me hunt the best ones from the huge cardboard box and believe me, when i hit a strata-east label i had second thoughts about the album's true condition and the number of beers that led to its destruction...
the selection here are edits of my favorite centipede tracks.
EDIT ONE/track deleted
EDIT TWO/track deleted
the rest is for you to discover...

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