Monday, November 29, 2004

off monday

Originally uploaded by thebeathunters.
it's a rainy monday on the hills here, so we're into some soft and sunny kawai sounds.
rule number1: i don't work mondays. it's the only way i found to skip the late sunday afternoon stress contracted back in the schooldays. so monday is off and it works : when evening comes, i don't have the same stress about tuesday.
rule number2: mondays are supposed to be cool. but the phone calls keep bringing me back to reality: estimates, call-conferences, the 2months-old job suddenly sooo urgent... it's been a busy weekend of friends visiting, wine libations, birthday lunches, i just wanted to sit quietly, doin' nothing. maybe feed the blog, surf the favorites and the new exciting ones:
it finally was a busy day and now it's getting late but let's play the perfect monday soundtrack anyway:
world famous: sound sniper in sri-lanka was originally issued in the SHOWA 64 compilation on the japanese disorient label. it's a soulful moist downtempo grower
tokyo bullet by the powder rhinos is a 90's groovy slice of discojazz
rule number3: try to go to bed early when you want to get up late.


Tuwa said...

Very very fun, thanks.

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