Monday, November 22, 2004

just another manic monday

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Factory, 1982

track deleted
mute records, 1983

track deleted
a year ago, everybody was sooo totally into 80's music... and i finally was asked to do
a mixtape that would blend some classics and the hype (dfa's, lcd's, tiga's, etc.)
i plugged the time machine and among tracks by material, a certain ration, esg...
these two songs surfaced. i don't know if it's because they had been on my hard-disk brain for ever but they still sounded fresh and at the same time, had very few in common with the current stuff... you'll listen and tell.
more interesting info on QUANDO QUANGO and the legendary FACTORYHERE
more info on YAZOO HERE
both 12"s are beautiful so try to find them at your favorite record store


jose-luis said...

Great blog! I'll have to check out Quango Quango more.

heath said...

i have been looking for some affordable quango vinyl for a while now, thanks for re-keying my interest....

Tuwa said...

Fun tracks, thanks for posting them. I hadn't heard either band before.