Thursday, November 11, 2004

old songs for the new depression

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the blackout
mother records,1997.
music by SCHOOLY D &JOE DELIA, scratches by DJ SWIFT
one of the great moments of onscreen hip hop is abel ferrara's "king of new york":
schoolyD's "am i black enough for you" rockin' the frenzy club scene, from playa's ball to uzi mayhem. ferrara's and the O.G's collaboration followed on, with hits and misses.
i remember when THE BLACKOUT opened at cannes film festival. the main attraction was claudia schiffer. it was her first role and she shared with beatrice dalle a few sexy scenes that drove the press and paparazzi nuts. both girls escorted ferrara on tv sets, promos, parties. abel was always either high or drunk and acting silly pimpstyle, proud to parade with his hot chicks all over him, praising his genius.
i remember the movie was rather bad, with its few moments of course. claudia couldn't act but sure looked good, beatrice did her junkie routine and dennis hopper was his usual overrated self. schoolyD sure didn't top the king of NY gig, but these sleazy/jazzy miami background tracks are perfect warm-ups for early winter times.

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Tuwa said...

I saw Bad Lieutenant recently and hated it. Boring, predictable, and thoroughly unpleasant. These are good tracks, though. Love the old school hip hop.