Sunday, March 23, 2008

between yesterday and tomorrow

thanks to the few cats who still pay a visit here once in a while.

you may have noticed the doctor's not in most of the time and with spring, outdoor choirs and new family duties i'm afraid it won't get any better...

here's what usually happens: when i finally come up with an idea of post, i then discover it's already been broken by the big jazz honchos around here (bacoso, vesper, jazz-nekko, smooth, reza -who is back on the block with great inspiration and wonderful jazz mixes contributions)
i don't say i consider playing in these guy's major league, it's just that compared to them, my record crates seem very limited.
anyway, it's nice to see the jazz brotherhood seem to grow wider and wilder: much props to recent discoveries at singer saints, culture and pleasure, ile oxumare, eternal rythm,

so, here's probably the laziest post i've ever done but these grooves are too good to stay under the radar (mine anyway, maybe you've been already blessed) any longer.

art bleek is a french cat who deserves a lot of love for his 2006 album. be sure to grab any format of any remix, edit, version extrapolated from "between yesterday and tomorrow"
and we must be grateful to federica at secret music box to share her beloved discotheque and discover such exciting grooves.

please enjoy the updates in the links section, a lot of newbies and pearls were thrown in...



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analogged said...

hey mate i know it's not quite in the top league of the neko's et al but i've got my own blog loitering down with the rest called analogged.

You can find it here if you want,