Tuesday, April 22, 2008

get your own bag!

it's so simple and cool it's incredible nobody dropped it sooner!
thanks to justin ouellette for launching muxtape, the best way to share your latest mixes online.
i couldn't resist to give it a try and share some of my faves of the moment, a few classics and homebrews. so please rush over and enjoy before Google buys it out or the RIAA gets berserk.
there's a buy mp3 option that should keep the dogs at large but as these guys can't recognize or resist to crash a good idea when they see one...
slowly, the future of music online builds up to reach stratospheric skies and innovative formats.
peace out.


E-mile said...

beathunter, amen to that!
i'll link this post of yours over at mine, so more people "get it"
great idea!
peace, E-mile

Reza said...

see you asking for this in my comments, hope alls good with you my friend :)