Saturday, January 12, 2008

miles edits

hi there. i've been away from this blog too long and won't even try to find a bad excuse.
so first i wish everybody a very good year and hope all your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled.
good health is important too. among the most inspired jazz bloggers around, let's have a special shout out for reza, who suffered a very tough year and came back recently with full force, sharing great albums with us. this one's for you, man, from the heart.

while as was away, i managed to spend a ridiculous amount of time at killergroove music library , browsin' his insane record collection with almost 2 years of posts to catch up with. don't miss it and be sure to visit him on a regular basis.

ol' visitors from the Naugahyde Life years know i have a soft spot for house music, disco and nu groove. seems like there's some kind of revival online and the new craze is all about "edits", like they used to call the genre back in the days (say danny krivit's), way before puff daddy said he invented the remix.
current edits tend to stay closer to the bone of the original track and classics from the soul-disco era, krautrock gems and seventies psychadelica are the prime choice material of these guys, next to their own current productions. among the top players, todd terje, pilooski, prins thomas, seem to run the show.
be sure to visit these great spots to know more and keep the scene alive: another night on earth, one day later, dilated choons, alainfinkielkrautrock, american athlete, social disco club...

as edits go, here are the famous miles davis short tracks from "miles at isle of wight" lp.
tracks from the 7" singles Davis did for promotional purposes throughout the 70s.
Great Expectations (2:42)
The Little Blue Frog (2:32)
Molester (Part I) (3:04)
Molester (Part II) (2:10)
Holly-Wuud (2:52)
Big Fun (2:30)



matt said...

Howdy thebeathunters. Glad to see a new post from you, and I'm really looking forward to checking these out.

Reza said...

Thank you
I'm most appreciative of your kind words

JR Heat Warp said...

Fantastic! I've wanted to hear a few of these edits for years. Thanks for sharing the love!

charlie said...

I had one of these - came with a box set - long gone, so thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for these.. any chance of the other side?


thebeathunters said...

the other side was the isle of wight gig previously posted here

Anonymous said...

the last two are so tough, i dont wantm to stop. any idea on where the full lengths are? or do i have to break into the columbia vaults. but like you said, gotta see that dvd, its the truth- tahnks

Anonymous said...

the last two are so tough, i dont wantem to stop. any idea if the full length is available?, or do i have to break into the columbia vaults. but like you said, gotta see that dvd, its the truth-thanks for the music

E-mile said...

Hi BEATHUNTER, to make up for the comment twice as nice a added you to my GREAT BLOGS :-)
and oh yeah, Im sure one of those short Miles promo's is gonna wind up in some wahwah chronicle some time...great stuff!
regards, E-mile

thelistening said...

Hi there,

Love the blog and just wanted to say thanks for the music.

Also was wondering if you wanted a two way link? Since i help run a music podcast that i'm sure would appeal to some of your readers.
The links here if you are,
and you can contact off the email on the site.

If not no worries and thanks for the great music

The Listening

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I've been waiting to hear the Molester single for ages. I don't suppose you have the Vote For Miles Pt 1 & 2 and the Red China Blues/Maiysha singles do you? I don't understand why Columbia haven't made them available somewhere... Thanks again!

Andy said...