Monday, October 15, 2007

same old story back again

is it just me or there's so many cool places around it's hard to keep up with 'em on a regular basis... even the rss and such a genial organizer as netvibes tends to make this blog thing ridiculous.
however, among my latest fave spots i couldn't help but recommand CATASTO'S FRIENDLY FIRE-, HUMBLE PIE'S INNER SANCTUM- definitely the best jazz live jams around,
MY FAVORITE SOUNDS, with whom i collaborated on a Bobby Pierce gig (catch it while it lasts), MY JAZZ WORLD is insanely consistant with underrated gems. on a hip-hop tip, WHEN THEY REMINISCE..., SWEET BLACK MUSIC and EFFICIENCY ONE are my best groove providers right now and deserve much respect.
you'll find these guys on the link section and be sure to pay them a visit.

i'm a sucker for covers, mash-ups and good remixes and stumbled on an excellent Angie Stone reggaestruction by NUFFWISH at CAPTAIN'S CRATE. it reminded me i myself got busy in the homestudio a few years ago, messin' with the same Angie track: "Wish i didn't miss you".

the backbone of both remixes are Nightmares on Wax' "Les Nuits", two slightly different versions taken respectively from "Smoker's Delight" (1995) and "Carboot Soul" (1999) albums.
Nightmares On Wax-aka George Evelyn-seemed to be particularly fond of Quincy Jones' "Summer in the city"- and who isn't?- which inspired him these definitive chill-out classics.

i remember hummin' the strings arrangements, blending naturally with Eumir Deodato's own lush signature of Björk's "Hyperballad", ending with the absolute/perfect (yes, baby...) soundtracks for Angie's words and adlibs.

hope you'll enjoy both versions, spread the good word and show some love.


Burning Blue Soul said...

Great Blog, I am on it all the time look, reading, searching, and most of all enjoying it. Thank you for the hard work. While I am very family with My Favorite Sound (LOVE the Bobby Pierce by the way, thanks!) and Castrato's Friendly Fire, what is the address of Humble Pie's Inner Sanctum--being a jazz freak, I've got to know these things. I have searched in every combination I know how, and tried putting in several approximations of what the address might be, so if you could help, I would be most grateful. Thanks for your time.

Mr Mass™ said...

Good Stuff As Usual
But Damn Bro Where's The Link To My Place
Hater ;)

christopher keyz said...

hey hey
thanks for all the kind words on the blog, im glad you're enjoying checking it out... and thanks for the mix, gonna download it shortly...

Catasto Elettrico said...

Hi friend, Thanx for the good mention to our blog here... keep on the good work...
Catasto Elettrico

matt said...

Hello Beathunters. Thanks so much for visiting I Love Okra. I'm absolutely loving your "Angie's Summer Night" blend. Perfectly executed. I look forward to more posts over here.

Gras-Double said...

nice selection man !!

Catasto Elettrico said...

thanx for support and for visiting us.
Catasto Elettrico