Sunday, October 07, 2007

the taste of you

today's post is a rarity i'm sure you'll enjoy:
THE ERROL PARKER EXPERIENCE, recorded in NYC on april 1977, for Sahara records (errol's parker -a.k.a the dude on the album cover- own label) feat. clyde tate on vocals, monty waters on alto & soprano saxes, errol parker on both electric and acoustic piano, tambourine and cowbell, james"fish" benjamin on fender bass , clyde lucas on drums. you can grab more info about the man here

i couldn't track this piece of vinyl anywhere. google dug it out on some japanese rare records website so grab it while you can (at 320 kbps) and enjoy: it's a loose, groovy and almost "spiritual" jazz session, the kind of live jam with ups, downs and mishaps but full-flavored of funky seventies spirit.
now, obviously sahara studios were far from rudy van gelder's sonic standards and the drums, cowbell and hi-hat are pushed a little too loud and upfront for my taste but hey, if it was alright with errol, it's fine with me...
so pick up the pieces and feel the basement funk like back in the days...

in case you missed it, i collaborated with those cool guys celoduro and jazzypier for a Bobby Pierce post @ my favourite sound , be sure to pay them a visit on your way out, there's more than plenty of amazing stuff down there.


makuma said...

Love it... really good!

What about the names of the songs? Even though the duration of each song is different this is the info I manage to find:

You don't post very often, but surely when you do it's always worth it!

Many Blessings

thebeathunters said...

thanks makuma for your appreciation

tracklisting is:

01- the taste of you
02-non stop
03- the blockbuster
04-breeze of brazil

DROK said...

nice spot, just found this place today, want to say thx for this, even tho I dunno what it is, i'l definitly give it a spin
anytime I see the word RARE it's on, thx again!


Andy said...