Tuesday, September 18, 2007

africadelic's the name, volume one

hi music lovers worldwide. i'm finally back with one rare and sought-after piece of library music composed and played by Gérard Levecque and Claude Romat in the seventies.
it's stamped n° 54 on the MP 2000 label and the first volume of a twofer in their african sound collection. for your knowledge, vol.2 which is even rarer-and funkier.

side one is full of catching breaks, drums loops, bass and funky flute, trumpets and wah-wah guitars
01-call me africadelic
02-djidji lights
03-jungle mania
04-bakaloo dance
05-the elephants track
06-bremeye voodoo

side two is drums & percussions only and will more appeal to the mature and dedicated beatmakers
07-green pepper
08-white peppers
09-red pepper
10-grey pepper
11-black pepper
12-scarlet pepper

at 192 bitrate, i hope you"ll enjoy it

by the way i find very odd that side 2 of the AIR album generated less downloads than side one... one could argue that this side is less exciting than the first one (which isn't the case) but how could you know if you didn't dwl it in the first place?
anyway, last chance to listen to this great album before i'll pull the plug to the links.

hope to hear from you here, african drums' way


Kockalone said...

Great piece of Gérard Levecque!!! Keep on... By the way, what do you think of "Balkan Express"? Peace...


Anonymous said...

this is DOOOOPE. if you have it, please upload the second volume.


Payola said...

Sorry , I was mistaken - great music!

Catasto Elettrico said...

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Bob said...

many thanx.......gotta love those Library drops"!

Reza said...

when time allows will send you vol 2

litlgrey said...

Always a treat to add to my list of Montparnasse LPs! Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

track #9 is missing

also , can you tell us the actual date of release ?

197 ?

THANKS for the great post

charlie bucket said...

nice post. on my site im working on getting all the info on MP2000 records you and other fans can check it out at http://bit.ly/MP2000


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