Tuesday, February 15, 2005

to maceo

cityscape, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

WEA, 1982
you may come from outer space or don't dig jazz music but you probably heard mike brecker's sax before, as the man has recorded music with EVERYBODY in the past 35 years... trying to track all of his gigs is meaningless, as he and his older brother randy on trumpet were among the busiest of elite studio musicians who contributed to the sound of major 70/80's jazzpop artists: frank zappa, steely dan, michael franks, joni mitchell, etc. add frank sinatra, bruce springsteen, billy joel to the list, you name it... any major playa called in the L.A dream team:
steve gadd on drums, anthony jackson or abe laboriel on bass, larry carlton on guitar and the brecker brothers on horns. a cool biography of the main saxophone man is available HERE
among his extensive discography and my favorites recordings, CITYSCAPE holds a special place. don't get me started on CLAUS OGERMAN, eternally praised as ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM's arranger.
his musical genius deserves a full galaxy of dedicated posts. in 1978, seminal jazz pop producer TOMMY LiPUMA produced ogerman's GATE OF DREAMS, featuring gadd, george benson and mike brecker. he then felt the chemistry between the composer and sax tenor deserved further developments, achieved in CITYSCAPE. to me, IN THE PRESENCE... epitomizes brecker's style: his impro builds up on emotion and energy but keeps the introspective mood of ogerman's music. more brecker pieces in next posts BUY THE ALBUM


Xanax Taxi said...

You have a link @ Xanax Taxi now. I'll be checking your stuff out frequently. Nice job man!

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Nick Francis said...

Incredibly beautiful piece! I love Claus Ogerman's string arrangements. And Brecker's playing is "mucho suave":-). I recently listened to his Nearness of You CD, which is a ballads recording, released in 2001 or 2002. Thanks for a cool track.

Xanax Taxi said...

I would shure like to hear that music. But I only got 9 seconds of that tune. Strange.

thebeathunters said...

xanax, i checked the link and it seems to work pretty well... maybe your HD is FULL...

Xanax Taxi said...

I'm not sure why I had problems. But I cleaned out the temporary Internet folder. I had/have enough HD space! ;-)

Nice, special tune there. I like it.