Monday, February 07, 2005

the octopus backyard

pj, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

Toshiba EMI,1978
one for the grooveriders out there. try to hunt this lp on ebay and you'll have to reach deep pockets for a fresh japanese copy. thanks for the cool guys at platform records they reissued a cd format in 2000 with a few unreleased tracks. known as a "musician's musician" and founding member of the headhunters, bassist paul jackson, jr. recorded this beauty during a 1978 japan tour. personel includes herbie hancock, bennie maupin, webster lewis, alphonse mouzon, ray obiedo and jackson himself on vocals. it's not really a heads' album as it starts a little weird with some loose abstract jazz and bluesy jams 'til it mutates into a monsterfunka. too bad the cd reissue lost its hatori hanzo's sushi style for a blank 70's look but the funk still hits the fan anyway.


Mac Daddy said...

Have you been hacking my PC as I've got a track from the album already in my next mix, great minds think alike. Oh not bragging but mine's the original japanese direct disc recording and it's beautiful!

thebeathunters said...

damn! you're a lucky fellow... i saw the lp in record conventions and it sure looks good!

Xanax Taxi said...

WOOOAHH!!!! Brilliant!! PAUL JACKSON .... solo... COOL!! I've wanted to hear that for A LONG TIME. Thanx man.

fairest said...

this is some nasty shit, man. new to me. thanks for the introduction to Jackson.

ellerre said...

see also the italian jazzfunk blog: