Monday, February 21, 2005

god must be a boogie man

joni&mike, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

among the many outstanding contributions of michael brecker, a 1979 live recording of joni mitchell: SHADOWS AND LIGHTS is a very particular one. featuring maybe the greatest band ever: jaco pastorius on bass, pat metheny on guitar, lyle mays on keys, don alias on drums and brecker on sax, backing vocals provided by the persuasions. to give you an idea, i'll quote the wise words of a certain mr. o. dubhaight, who reviewed for cd now online :
"This is a terrific listening experience, rewarding from almost every conceivable perspective. The musicians here changed her and she herself responded with challenges to her own abilities. I wish I had caught this tour. Pastorious is possessed, Mays is at his impressionistic best and Metheny is a foil for Mitchell the likes of which she'd never again replicate. Becker brings that East Coast jazz vibe that only he can muster and he is incendiary, smokey, subtle and brilliant."
well, i kinda agree with that. please note that on the "hejira" track, brecker plays the soprano saxophone instead of the tenor, which is one of a kind to my knowledge.
thanks for info to Herr K. from totally fuzzy, newcomer XANAXTAXI cruises the backstreets of "jazz, improvisation, fusion, funk (and the rest)" and great jazz covers of sade or bjork.
i particularly enjoyed a live version of jamiroquai's "space cowboy". mp3s are delivered at 256 kbps which is a real treat for music lovers. GATHERING DUST is another new daily stop ran by "a swedish guy of 38 named dan who lives in france". named after a ThisMortalCoil track, GD deals with early "white" electronic music. i think its TDK cassette visual is a great lo-fi symbol of our tape-to-mp3 full- circle music history. dan caresses the fantasy of running 3 musicblogs at the same time... THE NATION seems more focused on "emerging music" and is already on, the 3rd will be be about black music... good luck with such a task. like maybe many of you out there, i got a message from joshua ellis @
"Mperia is basically the Internet version of an indie record store.
We allow artists to upload, price and sell their music. We don't charge them any fees for this; instead, we take a 30% cut of each sale, for which we provide hosting and streaming and useful tools for indie artists, like free mini-blogs and the ability to post their upcoming gigs where fans can see them and optionally be reminded of them via e-mail..." i didn't get a chance to browse around here yet but it seems like artists cut a better deal here than with iTunes/iMusic...


Nick Francis said...

You are on a major roll here. Brecker and Jaco and Pat and Lyle and Elias. Some kind of band! There happens to be a DVD of Shadows and Light that's available. I saw a copy of it at a bookstore recently. Haven't seen the DVD, but definitely want to.
Regarding Mperia, it's a cool site that deserves more exposure. They use the Bitpass micropayment system to process their payments at Mperia. I also use Bitpass for my QuietFM webcasts. Thanks again.

Xanax Taxi said...

Hi there! And thanx for the kind words. "mp3s are delivered at 256 kbps which is a real treat for music lovers" ... haha! I had no idea!! But good thing I guess!

You really hit home with this post. The albums Joni did with Jaco are TRULY AMAZING PIECE OF MUSIC. Everybody should own them. Good stuff. And thank you for bringin' to the light the fact that Brecker is blowing on the soprano, wich is very rare (as far as I know).

But you're doing a GREAT job here. Keep 'em coming. You and Nick are tie # 1 as my favorite mp3 blog guys.


thebeathunters said...

thanks nick. i knew you're a fan and would like this one. actually i was surprised to discover there was a dvd of this historical concert. it seems like some kind of genius had the strange idea to interpolate scenes from james dean movies during some of the solos- and deserves to be hung for that... i need to have it anyway...
xanax, i'm proud to stand in such good company on your poll! about sound quality, most of the mp3s are encoded at 128 kbps, which is the average standard-iTunes format, i went for a 192 kbps solution but 256 is even better. we sure could hold a debate about how the human ear really makes a difference (dogs do)...maybe it's just my imagination but i feel like the higher the bitrate is the better the sound... see ya online

Xanax Taxi said...

I have that DVD! And it was probably Joni's idea! I don't think we should hang her ;) ..!!

But it would be GREAT to get an special edition of that DVD with ONLY THE CONCERT!!!

But about that bitrate! I misunderstood you there, probably because I usually don't convert in a such high resolution. I might have some files 256 kbps but I (like you) settled for 192 kbps awhile back. It was needed to get high frequency details more correct (i.e. cymbals) specially in jazz and other dynamic music. Rock and pop can take less. But recently I ripped all my collection into my PC with the iTunes import settings on custom/sterio bitrate 160 kbps/use Variable Bitrate Encoding(VBR)/ Quality: HIGHEST.

This guarantees mininum bitrate at 160 but goes up to very high when needed, like when there is more going on in the music. I find this setting to be good for most music without eating up to much space.

thebeathunters said...

well, we won't hang joni for sure... so, even with that silly footage is the dvd worth it? just to see jaco bringin' the noise it is, i guess. actually, i dwld your jamiroquai live tune at 256 kbps and it sounded very good. from which album comes this version? is the rest on that level?

Xanax Taxi said...

I got the live version of Space Cowboy from a CD that I borough from my sister. When I listened to them (2 cds with to different concerts) they sounded like they where made from mp3 files of not so high quality, but not to bad either, (maybe it was just one of 'em). SO what I got is atleast second generation mp3. But I ripped it at VBR setting (iTunes) at 192 and (problably) high or highest quality. That specific mp3 file (Space Cowboy - Jamiroquai - The Cosmic Ride / London Finsbury Park · June 8th 1997) has the BIT RATE: 199 kbps (VBR).

But stay tuned, I'll definitely post more from those CDs soon.