Monday, April 25, 2005

you could fly away

sense of danger, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

the always impeccable london lee at THE NUMBER ONE SONGS IN HEAVEN posted recently the original version of this absolute classic gem of a track, so you'd better go back to his cool writing to grab all info about CHARLES WEBSTER 's PRESENCE album and great featuring by ladysoul diva SHARA NELSON
to my knowledge, at least 4 different sets of 12" remixes were released thru pagan records : one by pepe braddock/furry phreaks (one of many webster's aliases), another one by attaboy/stephane mandrax, a third set feat. dave sears/future shock and a final delivery by le bustafunk/kings of tomorrow... frankly, all are pretty good, thanks to the track's potential but my fave's always been ATTABOY's. it's a quite simple effective mix but there's something about these drums, THAT bass hook, the synths, the way shara's voice sounds in the mix and the chorus girls whisper in my ear... and here i am, lost on the dancefloor again: it's moist, sensually funky and i wish that night never ends.

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playpause said...

Ouééééé, la house devient tellement ennuyeuse en 2005 que ça fait vraiment du bien, ton petit vent de fraîcheur ethéré et funky, qui rappelle quand on était un peu plus jeune et que la musique de danse était de qualité. Oui, oui, oui. Merci !