Thursday, September 30, 2004

a virgo state of mind

soul zodiac
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c.adderley, from soul zodiac, capitol records, 1972
cannonball and rick holmes really were into astrology.
2 years before the previous virgo version presented here, the same guys; except hal galper butjoined by ernie watts on tenor sax and flute, recorded another astrology session.
the band sounds high in the sky on their celestial trip on the whole album but this virgo version gets a jazzier jam flavor than the "sexy" one.
more on soul zodiac and cannonball:

for the hip hop fans out here, the always interesting inventory of cannonball's sample library:
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  • soul zodiac seems to exist in different versions: the double lp, separate vol.1 & 2 lp's, and even 7" of each sign. the 2lp version is a regular on ebay. i guess the 7" copies are some serious graal stuff.
    another much sought-after cannonball opus : the legendary "soul of the bible", is a masterpiece and should deserve a future post. itwas reissued in both 2lp and cd formats.
    the vinyl version is OK but far from the original's beauty. the cd is around$12 and you should run to grab it while it's available.


    Tuwa said...

    Egads! a 404.

    I've dipped into Cannonball's canon from time to time, but I didn't know he did two versions of this. I'm eager to hear the other version.

    thebeathunters said...

    hi tuwa,
    well i guess with these 2 tracks your cannonball curiosity is on red alert!
    he's one of my fave musicians, so dig in his crates and enjoy! see ya on shanty!