Monday, September 27, 2004

september songs

s.vaughan & c.brown
Originally uploaded by thebeathunters.
ok, that's it. i've been doing this blog thing for so many months now, catchin' great music, tracks, ideas, comments. now i feel like i'ts time to step in and add my own voice to the community (and bury a few more hours in front of my mac...)

thanks soulsides, said the gramophone, moistworks, wastin'time, zero-g web/fat planet, moebius rex, the tofu hut, totally fuzzy, suburbs AKU etc. for such inspiration, gem discoveries and a wonderful feeling of sharing.
don't get me wrong, i don't pretend i'm playing the same league as these cats...
let's say that still blinded by the lights, i'll try to follow the footprints...

warning : the first entries will probably be shaky and ill-linked but please hang on,
i'll try to make it better. in the meantime, feel free to comment and share your blogscience with a newcomer...

    melaten said...

    Good start thebeathunter,

    instead of compairing with other blog - do your own thing and it will be right! :-)

    herr k. from "totally fuzzy"

    Berry said...

    Lovely! Sarah is one of my favorite jazz vocalists.

    Berry said...

    As a nice follow up tune, I would love to hear "Autumn in New York", heck, maybe even a whole seasonal compilation of songs like "April in Paris", etc.

    thebeathunters said...

    thanks berry and herrK for support and indsight, i'll try to keep up with the promises
    berry, there's so many pearls on that sarah cd it would deserve a full dwl, maybe this one will make people discover it... a seasonal concept is pretty cool, let's think about it