Friday, March 23, 2007


well, here's a collector's one for you beat/breakdiggers out there.
a gift from a great friend of mine who stumbled on several fresh mint copies on a street corner a few years ago and made a small fortune on ebay and records dealers back when library music was the craze.
jean claudric used to be a popular composer and conductor for various french commercial artists, namely anybody from michel sardou to annie cordy-which could certainly be held against him, as french bloggers will undoubtely testify.
anyway it's a light funky session you might enjoy while i'm warmin'up for further more serious posts...
feel free to leave your feedback and comments
pop 74
on Jasmin Productions
  1. shooting star
  2. gust of wind
  3. a trump card
  4. hurly burly
  5. stifling night
  6. high cranberry
  7. dog days
  8. misdeal
  9. it looks like rain
  10. mildness


Anonymous said...

Got them catalyst links up and at em cousin, glad you enjoyed.also had to cop this.check me out after the afternoon tomorrow,gonna post some fresh slabs just for my people.
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Marty said...

Hey, this is Marty from , thanks to stop by. You got a great site going on here. Do you want to exchange links?

I'add your site to my top blogs.


whoops said...

Merci pour ce post de "Pop 74" de Jean Claudric. plus de la moitié de cet album est sorti sous la bannière "April Orchestra" (Série CBS volume 5) et est crédité à un certain Frank Widling. Ce même Frank Widling est crédité pour un excellent morceau Pop/Jerk nommé "La terre est ronde" sous le pseudo collectif de "The Sounds & co." pour un album du label "Concert Hall", Jean Claudric étant un collaborateur régulier du label (il a notamment réalisé pour "Concert Hall" la série "Ciné music") je n'ai désormais plus aucun doute sur l'identité de ce Frank Widling.

Baby Grandpa said...

A very nice find. Picked it up, checked it out and loved it!
Baby Grandpa