Tuesday, September 06, 2005

you must believe in spring

sweets, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

well, as summer seems to fade away, sweet sounds are requested to carry on and ease our move into these sudden early evenings and scattered leaves.
one of my all-time classic albums is
SWEETBACK 's first opus. STUART MATTHEWMAN, ANDREW HALE and PAUL DENMAN form a trio mostly renowned as helen folaSADE adu musical partners in crime. that should tell you a lot but it's not even close to the beauty of it. i envy you if you don't know this album yet because you're about to be blessed. mostly instrumental, the album's line-up includes maxwell, amel larrieux and bahamadia, offering pure gems of sultry vocals. just click HERE and feel an ultimate chill experience.
unfortunately, i was sadly disappointed by their 2004 second effort, STAGE 2. it's been almost 10 years between the two albums and believe me i gave it a good try but didn't find that ol' black magic.
speaking of new albums, thanks to AURGASM who reviewed CLOSER, BEADY BELLE's latest album on jazzland: i'm joining the choir for praise.
relax, sit back and close your eyes.


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Mac Daddy said...

Horse racing system what is this guy on, anyway beady belle, sweetback man I am in 7th chill out heaven but the funny thing is it brings me out in a sweat!

Nick Francis said...

The first comment above is just another comment spammer. Obnoxious!

Back to the matter at hand...that first Sweetback disc is awesome; I am in total agreement with you. My favorite track is the ambient-flavored "Cloud People".


thebeathunters said...

hi guys, thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed these tracks, just when i finally thought i only attracted spammer ...
keep the soul alive

playpause said...

I love this album ! I've been playing it since it came out. High standard.