Tuesday, August 09, 2005

softly as in a morning sunrise

bulleplays, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

JCR, 2000
here like everywhere else, it's kinda hot and lazy, sorry then for lack of posts...
most of the time i make a fool of myself trying to handle some indoor renovations, then we have to watch carefully our new baby cat BULLE (bubble). enid isn't too cheerful about this tiny intruder in her world but maybe we're overprotecting parents. reading is a major part of the farniente schedule, too: george p.pelecanos, elmore leonard, lee childs have been leading the nap's way.
to cool it down, here's some beautiful music by finnish uberband NUSPIRIT HELSINKI.
DISCOGS, as always give a fine glimpse of the band's ambitions and plenty of info, there's of course more to grab at NSH home HERE
listen to these strings and watch the stars in the summer skies. be back soon... or later.

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IanB said...

Nice place you have here man !! Hope you don't mind me Blogrolling you @ my Blog ?

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