Sunday, July 10, 2005

love me or leave me

r&p, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

Large records, 1996
one of the few real genuine deep house music anthems, "gabrielle" had the distinctive flavor of true crossover soul hits, hitting it big on both radio and club circuits.
interesting info about the manHERE and then 19-years-old vocalist PEVEN EVERETT.
this one is a classic so turn it up and jump around, this is summer music!
oh by the way, i got a message warning me that i "was using the Naugahyde Trademark in an unauthorized way", so i should cease and desist asap.
though i think it's a little absurd i won't take any chance on that. so, the naugahyde life will be history very soon...
i asked blogger if there's a way i can change the name but save its contents rather than terminate the whole thing. if any of you out there have some tips or info about that move, thanks to keep me posted.
guess it's ime to move on to new blog adventures, i'll let you know ASAP.


Maven said...

Man, what a treat! Been looking for this tune for the longest time. Different mix from the one I've heard but it's still such a great track!! Thanks!

thebeathunters said...

glad you enjoyed it. i think this is the original mix. let me know which one you're looking for, it's probably 'round here