Monday, May 09, 2005

bougie soliterre

bougie, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

from simple things lp
Flipside, 2000
sorry for unplugging the beats during vacation time but actually there's life growing outside the blogosphere and in order to get cherries, apricots, salads, tomatoes, etc. the garden is needing full attention these days!
back on the dancefloor with a soulful/old school jam signed by bettina constanzo a.k.a bougie soliterre (now that's some weird mispelled french pseudo...meaning "lonely candle").
less than very few girls been shakin' the house and most of them are dj's (or djettes) but female talented producers come as rare as a tasty eggplant. betty came from montreal, canada and moved to london where she banged the decks with the early brokenbeat scene and UK house heavyweights BUGZ IN THE ATTIC CREW or PHIL ASHER and top notch u.s house wonderboy KERRI CHANDLER. finally, she created her own imprint FLIPSIDE to promote jazz, house, disco & soul music by kerri, victor davies, blak beatniks, fred everything and herself, of course...
BESIDES YOU is a fave track with a classic 70's soul flavor thanks to the vocals talents of former P-funk vocalist STEF FRANK and a killer bassline. originally only available on 12" and 2lps; it made its way to classic status and CD formatwith remix treatments by uberhot german duo TIEFSCHWARTZ. hear samples of these remixes here and add this nice one to your record collection HERE


Steve said...

Nice one. Always been a big fan of Bougie's boogie and this track is no exception. It's nice that she's finally getting some exposure on some blogs. Maybe I'll dig something up and post. Top notch stuff as usual.

-- Steve @

thebeathunters said...

nice to hear from you steve. glad you enjoy this one and BS' music and you stepped in. amazingly, since i started this house tracks series this blog feesl like an empty dancefloor... am i such a bad dj? cheers

Anonymous said...

BS are really a blast!Make chill out and just enjoy everything around me!

Anonymous said...

What is Bougie Soliterre up to these days? I so loved "Superficial" - wish there was more of her stuff around. :(

Anonymous said...

great track. sexy chill sound. Superficial is delicious~