Wednesday, March 30, 2005

suhaila's dance

me'shell, originally uploaded by thebeathunters.

Verve, 2005
well, i must confess i'm a little disappointed by the poor feedback we got on the last posts, especially after the mike brecker sessions that seemed to please many of you.
don't get me wrong: i'm not desperate about contact or communication but i thought the great pieces of music shared here deserved some love or reactionzzzzzzzz&zeeeeeeeeees - oops, this is one of my cats walking on the keyboard here! is it a sign that i should stop complaining? whatever... are y'all so busy tracking music online? is it the perverse effect of rss that feeds your musical HD cravings without stopping by the blogspot itself?
anyway... spring is here and to prove you i have no hard feelings i'll share some piece of a new opus by MESHELL SUHAILA BASHIR-SHAKUR, formerly known as MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO.
"DANCE OF THE INFIDEL" strangely got an early exclusive french release one month ago and is only scheduled for the states for june, 21st. it's a beautiful mostly instrumental recording (well, the track "aquarium" features sabina on vocals&piano) where meshell deals with her deepest jazz and improvisational feelings, inviting the cream of contemporary music to:
"listen and hear
how musicians can take a seed and create,
communicate with each other,
then depart again on the unknown journey."
oliver lake, don byron, michael cain, kenny garrett, wallace roney, brandon ross, matthew garrison, jack dejohnette, mino cinelu, cassandra wilson, lalah hattaway... here's a few of this luminous line-up... i can tell you it's a pure gem and that's why i won't spoil too much of it here either: it's one of these rare records you must get ABSOLUTELY !
you can have a taste of the tracks here and place an early order for the digipack version:


Nick Francis said...

Aquarium is beautiful. Lovely textures. The vocalist has kind of a Bjork-like quality. Thanks.

Xanax Taxi said...

Very intresing CD. I had no idea it was out there! I'll by it when I come across it ... definately. Thanx for the tip..

ps.. It took me 1 hour to log in to your space so I could comment. I had forgotten my stuff.
Maybe you should let EVERYBODY be able to comment .. not just registered blogspot bloggers.

keep 'em coming .. and have a nice weekend..

Xanax Taxi said...

of course I'll BUY it ;)

thebeathunters said...

hi nick, meshell's one of the beautifullest music around right now, as you dig jazz you'll love the rest of the album which is pretty intense... actually, it seems like the album was ready for almost 2 years but didn't come out because of the picture of meshell wearing this kinda hood... it looked too "muslim" to them.
i feel bad because she actually toured with this band (and music) in france last year (vienne festival) and it was probably great- the best concert i ever saw was her gig in atlanta in '96...
xanax, i wasn't aware of this blogger only comment block, i'm gonna disable it asap.

Gunnar said...

Great blog with interesting music.
Thanks :)

Gunnar said...

Great blog with interesting music.
Thanks :)

Gunnar said...

Ooops, sorry for the double comments. My connection got reset.

Xanax Taxi said...

HEY MAN :: I still have to LOG ON .. it's a drag ... :(

Yes said...

About the subject: in my ears she did not make the right move. Too clinic...

playpause said...

Yes, je te lis, yes tu assures la sélection... pas le temps de parler, en ce moment, c'est tout !
Rare moods, très bonne bande son de transports de ville. Merci !

Anonymous said...

endless number of these wonderful finds, what with the Internet being a vast network of constantly evolving ideas and all!